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Sep 7, 2024 - Feb 8, 2025

Lightroom Step-by-Step with Joe Houghton (Sept 2024)

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About this series:

Widely requested by so many Camversationalists - Joe Houghton's deep dive in to Lightroom. This is a 20 session series, in which we will cover aspects of Lightroom in intricate detail. This builds on previous Lightroom workshops offered by Joe, but watching those is not essential before you take part in this :) Unless otherwise stated, all sessions begin at 10:30 UK time. If you work your way through the whole series, you’ll know Lightroom inside out and be well set to make the most of this powerful image organiser and editor! Joe is an Adobe Lightroom Expert and has been a strong supporter/part of Camversation for nearly four years now, running a series of workshops and also organising our Dublin meet up in July 2023.

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