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Creative Journey - Lynda Haney

Creative Journey - Lynda Haney


Lynda Haney has been requested by the community, recommended by other speakers and I've even been out photographing with her myself! I'm pleased-as-punch to be able to share her work with you all.






From Lynda:


My talk details my journey into creative photography, how it started and how it developed and how when life throws you a curveball you catch it and run with it. Although I am a scientist by profession, I have artist in my soul, so creativity feels natural to me. I struggle with painting, so I push pixels around creating digital art to re-imagine the scenes I want.


I have always enjoyed competition whether in sport, photography, or life in general so joining a camera club and entering photographic competitions made me more determined to push myself to learn all aspects of photography and become better with the creative side.


My main photographic interest has always been and still is wildlife and wildlife features strongly in many of my images, however my main love now is in the creation of composite images where I enjoy the time spent in post processing as much as time spent with a camera in my hand.


I talk about where my inspiration comes from, and I go through a few of my images to explain my workflow when creating a composite image. I show how I use techniques when crafting an image that anyone with an understanding of Photoshop basics can follow.


This talk will be available for four weeks.


Lynda's fee for this talk will be donated to charity, at her request.

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