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Creative Techniques eBook & Fall Phototips Guide - Tony Sweet

Creative Techniques eBook & Fall Phototips Guide - Tony Sweet


Creative Techniques and the Art of self expression - with Tony Sweet.


PLEASE NOTE: This eBook also includes the 'Fall Phototips' guide, free of charge.


From Tony:


As in my original Fine Art Nature Photography book series, equipment and technical information are discussed tangentially or, more specifically, wherever they are integral to making images. Numbered references are linked to the Notes section at the end of the book.


Briefly, this book focuses on the image-making process from initial vision to final image; however, with the advent and evolution of digital photography and highly sophisticated digital software tools, we must also take time to consider post-visualization. Post-visualization utilizes software and processing effects that are internalized and accessible, enabling us to imagine the post-processing result, even as we consider our composition. 


Finally, this is a concept and idea book to help readers jump-start their own creativity and to try new things. With a little imagination and software knowledge, you can begin your journey of creating whatever you can imagine!


I invite you to keep an open mind and remember that photography is not what it used to be. It’s better. 


— Tony Sweet


This eBook has been made available after Tony's SUPERB presentation. This does not include access to the recording for this presentation.

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