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ICM Exploration 1: Woodlands - with Charlotte Bellamy

ICM Exploration 1: Woodlands - with Charlotte Bellamy


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This link provides ACCESS only to the recorded talk, for two weeks. It does NOT permit download.


This ICM exploration series will encompass a wide variety of genres and subjects, within Intentional Camera Movement.


  • Session 1: Woodlands and trees
  • Session 2: Water
  • Session 3: Architecture
  • Session 4: Abstract and close up
  • Session 5: Animals!


From Charlotte

On the 11th November we start the webinar series with ‘woodlands and trees’. Anyone who knows me, will know this is my favourite ICM subject, and as a result you will be in for a treat, as I share 7 years of experience, examples and knowledge with you. The webinar will start with a recap on ICM concepts regardless of the subject matter, so is suitable for even the absolute beginner with no experience at all. We will then move on to looking at woodlands and how ICM can be used to enhance your images, bringing emotion, feeling and movement to an otherwise static photograph.


Photographing woodlands is complex, regardless of whether you are using the ICM technique or not, so we look at aspects to help compositions, as well as utilising time to understand what we want to bring to the image with ICM. The movement options, shutter speed, managing distractions, finding balance and so much more. Loads of images and some videos as examples to help this to be an immersive and valuable webinar, that you can take away lots that you can get started with immediately. Questions will be encouraged, so have those ready!


Optional hand out:

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