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Miniature Marvels - Tony North

Miniature Marvels - Tony North



This provides access to the live talk recording only. It does not permit downloads.

Tony North returns to share his latest talk!


From Tony:

This talk features a much broader range of insects than 'The Art of Macro' and the focus is on their biology. I cover the following topics:


1. What are insects? How do they fit within the animal kingdom?

2. The number of insect species and insect abundance

2. Insect classification - the orders

3. Variation - within and across species, and by gender

4. Insect evolution (with fossil photos!) & the tree of life

5. Insect anatomy

6. The life cycle of insects

7. Feeding and predation

8. Insect vision

9. Camouflage and mimicry

10. Social behaviour


Throughout, the talk is illustrated with my finest macro and other images, including several which have won awards. Even if you aren't turned on by science or nature, there will be plenty to feast your eyes on!

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