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Photographing People - Damien Lovegrove

Photographing People - Damien Lovegrove


This link provides ACCESS only to the recorded talk, for two weeks. It does NOT permit download.


The session will cover three major topics...


Rapport: The psychology of the shoot, What to say and do before the shoot, how to build rapport and a working relationship and how to create moments of magic to capture.


Light: Fundamentals of lighting the face; steepness of the key light, which side to light the person from and when to use hard light and soft light.


Location: Make the world your studio; Integrating the location into the shot, use of texture and light creatively and how to develop a recognisable style.


From Damien:

I am a photographer best known for my location and studio portraits of women. I finished taking on client commissions in 2018 and I now concentrate on personal work, workshops, books and talks.


I am based in the UK but I travel throughout the world in search of amazing locations to make pictures. I share these global travels with likeminded photographers who crave beautiful life experiences on a Lovegrove adventure.







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