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Urban and Street - Jerry Webb

Urban and Street - Jerry Webb


This provides access to the live talk recording only. It does not permit downloads.


From Jerry:

For many years I have looked at the world through a monochrome lens. Urban and Street Photography will introduce more of my newer colour work as well as my more edgy monochrome photographs, and not all necessarily complying with our traditional perception of urban and street photography.


From wide open spaces to up-close and-personal, from scorching summer sun to heavy rainfall and really never what you expect, but hopefully something for everyone.


About Jerry

Jerry Webb is a British photographer and designer. As a photographer Jerry is self-taught and often at odds with conventional perceptions, interpreting what he sees using his own individual methods and distinctive style. His photographs include people, portrait, event, street and project photography and he has been published many times. He has had exhibitions in London and Sussex where he now lives and works.


Although he works largely in monochrome Jerry is an accomplished colour photographer and processor. His work is a combination of self-initiated projects and commissioned photographs.


Please do check out Jerry's website;

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