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The big idea!

It's quite simple really. I wanted to build a community of photographers, who could engage with high quality talks and inspiration, for a reasonable price - almost pocket money - so it would encourage people to get involved.


When the UK was 'locked down' in March 2020, many camera clubs went into hibernation and I really wanted to continue to engage with photography, but couldn't find anyone who had organised a high quality programme of regular talks.


So I set up the Camversation in September 2020, as a replacement for all of the interesting talks which would normally happen in photography clubs. I try to run one talk a week, with a variety of speakers to cover different genres.

As of June 2023, I'm really pleased to say the Camversation community has grown and has an active Facebook group too.

Hi there! I'm Mark


The format

  • I try to keep it simple, relaxed and enjoyable.

  • Most talks begin at 7pm, although I do occasionally have to consider other time zones and make talks a little earlier or later. I have also trialled some on a weekend.

  • Talks are usually 90 mins long, with a 10 minute break halfway.

  • Some talks are recorded. These are highlighted in advance of the talk.

  • My aim is to make these talks accessible, so they're between £3.75 and £5.

  • Currently, I use Zoom to host meetings.

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