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Mon, 27 Mar



PHOTOGRAPHY TALK: Cohesive projects with Charlotte Bellamy

HIghly requested speaker Charlotte Bellamy joins us to talk about the importance of projects in photography.

PHOTOGRAPHY TALK:  Cohesive projects with Charlotte Bellamy
PHOTOGRAPHY TALK:  Cohesive projects with Charlotte Bellamy

Date & time:

27 Mar 2023, 19:00 BST – 28 Mar 2023, 19:00 BST


About the event:

I'm really pleased that we've managed to organise some talks from Charlotte - who was widely requested by members of the Camversation community!

From Charlotte:

Have you ever wondered about creating groups of images? Ever questioned why you would want to, or how on earth you might get started? Then this webinar is for you. Using lots of examples, and offering some exercises to get you started, Charlotte will guide you through how to start thinking in projects rather than individual images.

Charlotte practices the concept of 'cohesivity' in all her work, since gaining a greater understanding of its importance, while working towards her 'Master craftsman' qualification with the Guild of Photographers 6 years ago. This understanding of what makes images work together is a valuable tool to have for qualifications, the creation of albums online or for books, exhibitions, magazine submissions or just to give yourself an alternative way of working.

Sometimes working with a set of multiple images can convey a story, sense of place, feeling, or emotion in a far stronger way than one image alone can.

About Charlotte:

Charlotte Bellamy’s creative style of photography is inspired by the environment in which she lives. She takes inspiration for her work the minute she looks out of her window. The weather and the changes in season, offering her ever changing wonderment.

Her early photographic career tended towards portraits and weddings. However, with a move to the Netherlands, her interest in landscapes was triggered. After five years following a traditional landscape photography path, she felt a need to express her feelings about the locations she was photographing, rather than just capturing a technically perfect or pretty image of a place.  Charlotte has never been one to follow the crowd. So, through a desire to push boundaries, and experiment outside of the expected, she has found a powerful way to express her creativity through Intentional Camera movement and multiple exposure layering of images.

These techniques she feels, help her to add texture, contrast and colour, resulting in images that then require more than a quick glance for the viewer to fully understand what they are looking at. Some of her images are created in a moment of spontaneity, whilst others are carefully combined to replicate a memory. Many of her images are made just a short walk from her house, and prove that you need not travel to beautiful and exotic locations to create unique images. Just that you be inspired and intrigued by a location.

This talk will be recorded and made available to ticket holders for two weeks.

Do have a look at Charlotte's website for more information!

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