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CIE LR & PS Synergy with Nigel French

CIE LR & PS Synergy with Nigel French


Bank Holiday 3 for 2 On-Demand Discount

Photoshop and Lightroom Synergy - how to get the most out of using PS and LR together.


In the realm of photo editing, the real power lies not in choosing between Lightroom Classic and Photoshop but in understanding how to effectively combine them, utilising the strengths of each. In this edition of Creative Photo Editing, Nigel French will demonstrate how to integrate Lightroom, Photoshop to optimize your editing workflow. There will even be a cameo role for Adobe Bridge, that most unloved and underutilised image management tool. We’ll explore how—and most importantly, when—to transfer images from your Lightroom catalogue to Photoshop for editing, ensuring that these edits are non-destructive and that the finished products seamlessly return to Lightroom. Additionally, we'll address potential challenges and provide practical solutions for overcoming them, along with insights into some unique aspects of working across these platforms.


You will have four weeks to watch this recording from the point of rental.

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