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CIE Photoshop Masking - Nigel French

CIE Photoshop Masking - Nigel French


This allows for VIEWING of the Creative Image Editing presentation; Masking from Nigel French. It does not permit downloads.


Masking in Photoshop


In Photoshop, no matter what the challenge, a mask is almost certainly part of the solution. You can use masks for all kinds of creative and everyday tasks from isolating a subject from its background to creating composites, to seamlessly blending exposures. In this Creative Editing session, Nigel French discusses the basics of masking, along with some advanced tips and tricks, and demystifies the difference between Quick Masks, Alpha Channels, Layer Masks, Vector Masks, Filter Masks, and Clipping Masks.


A hand-out to support the workshop is available:



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