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Floral Fairy Tales with Angi Wallace

Floral Fairy Tales with Angi Wallace


Angie Wallace is someone who I have been keen to bring to the community for almost two years now. Angie is a superb photographer, with such a creative eye.


From Angi:

Flowers have played a huge part in my photography over the last 18 years. From being the first subjects that I concentrated on to learn photography, to being combined with my love of folklore and fairytales across several genres of photography and now are my main subject of choice. I take you on my journey of how flowers and fairy tales have featured heavily in  my creative portraiture,  exotic pet photography, insect photography, macro work, still life and my latest project using submerged flowers. I will be touching upon lots of different approaches and techniques to be sure to appeal to a wider audience. This will be a talk all about creativity and making magic happen.


If you haven't seen Angie's photography before, do take some time to look at her work and her accolades, including International Garden Photographer of the year competitions!


Have you seen Angi's previous talk with us?


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