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ICM Exploration 3: Architecture & Urban - with Charlotte Bellamy

ICM Exploration 3: Architecture & Urban - with Charlotte Bellamy


This link provides ACCESS only to the recorded talk, for four weeks. It does NOT permit download.


This ICM exploration series will encompass a wide variety of genres and subjects, within Intentional Camera Movement.


  • Session 1: Woodlands and trees
  • Session 2: Water
  • Session 3: Architecture
  • Session 4: Abstract and close up
  • Session 5: Animals!


From Charlotte

we continue the series with “Architecture and urban‘’. When I visit urban areas, I am most amazed by the lines, the colours and structures. Sometimes I love to capture a scene and show how an area is occupied, other times I like to try and capture the history of a building.


Architecture can be a challenging ICM subject, as you are working with both verticals and horizontals, curves and straight lines at the same time. So, taking the time to look at what is in front of you and the movement possibilities with regards to what you want to express with your ICM can be really valuable. This webinar will take you from the city, to the village and the sand dunes! Anywhere you find structures that could be considered architecture (buildings). I love to look at the bigger picture and depict the locations as well –sometimes for me, capturing what is happening around buildings brings structures to life and shows their reason for being.The webinar will cover, the movement options, shutter speed, identifying dominant lines, bringing the essence of the location to your image and so much more. Loads of images and some videos as examples to help this to be an immersive and valuable webinar, that you can take away lots that you can get started with immediately. Questions will be encouraged, so have those ready!


Optional hand out:

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