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ICM Exploration 4: Abstract - with Charlotte Bellamy

ICM Exploration 4: Abstract - with Charlotte Bellamy


This link provides ACCESS only to the recorded talk, for four weeks. It does NOT permit download.


This ICM exploration series will encompass a wide variety of genres and subjects, within Intentional Camera Movement.


  • Session 1: Woodlands and trees
  • Session 2: Water
  • Session 3: Architecture
  • Session 4: Abstract and close up
  • Session 5: Animals!


From Charlotte

We continue the series with “abstract and close up‘’. Take a break from the Christmas preparations, and join me for a festive webinar. I promise you when you have finished watching you will see endless possibilities in your Christmas decorations or wintery surroundings!


Having taught this subject for a number of years, I have come to realise, that although I find this an easy subject, this is not the case for everyone. Letting go of being able to see what it is you are photographing in your end image can be really tricky for some. But I am here to guide you through the endless possibilities right in front of you. You can even learn how abstract ICM can create great textures for overlaying in multiple exposures.


Abstract images are successful when they accentuate lines, light, colour and structure. So taking the time to look at what is in front of you and the movement possibilities with regards to what you want to express with your ICM can be really valuable. The webinar will cover, the movement options, shutter speed, identifying lines, shapes, colour and light to create images that intrigue and impress and so much more. Loads of images and some videos as examples to help this to be an immersive and valuable webinar, that you can take away lots that you can get started with immediately. Questions will be encouraged, so have those ready!


Optional hand out:

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