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ICM Exploration 5: Animals - with Charlotte Bellamy

ICM Exploration 5: Animals - with Charlotte Bellamy


This link provides ACCESS only to the recorded talk, for four weeks. It does NOT permit download.


This ICM exploration series will encompass a wide variety of genres and subjects, within Intentional Camera Movement.


  • Session 1: Woodlands and trees
  • Session 2: Water
  • Session 3: Architecture
  • Session 4: Abstract and close up
  • Session 5: Animals!


From Charlotte

We complete the series with “animals‘’. Take a little time out for yourself between Christmas and new year, and find out a little more about this fascinating subject to work with the ICM technique.


Second to photography, is my love of animals. I was inspired by some images by Ernst Haas and Hal Eastman many years ago of horses using the ICM technique, and I made it my mission to understand how to capture and portray the various movements of horses using the ICM technique. Now, not all of you will have access to horses, and when I teach this on the course everyone gets quite creative for this subject! Think cats, dogs, spiders, frogs, seagulls, geese and ducks or your local zoo, fields of cows and sheep or even your pet tortoise.


Creating ICM images of animals is similar to water, in that you have a moving subject to work with. The difference with animals is their unpredictable directions! But time spent watching and learning patterns, will help you with your image creation. Once again, the webinar will cover, the movement options, shutter speed, and thinking about what you want to bring to the images. Loads of images and some videos as examples to help this to be an immersive and valuable webinar, that you can take away lots that you can get started with immediately. Questions will be encouraged, so have those ready!


Optional hand out:

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