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ICM - Stephanie Johnson

ICM - Stephanie Johnson


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From Stephanie:

I have a deep passion for the art and beauty of ICM photography, and I love encouraging others to experiment, explore, and play with intentional camera movement. Creative expression is the ability to use our imaginations to create something that represents who we are, and ICM is a technique that uniquely enables each of us to authentically express our own individual artistic vision. Play is an important part of creativity, and when we consistently and persistently play freely with the camera, we learn to connect with our inner artist, and ultimately to find a deeper understanding of what we want our images to communicate. There is so much joy to be found in the freedom of letting go and seeing what happens, and ICM has the ability to lead us on a wonderful journey of exploration and creative expression.


In this talk, I will share some thoughts on what I have learned over the years about the importance and value of creative expression, and I will present a series of new ICM images that have never been seen before. I will talk about ICM through the lens of my own artistic curiosity and deeper exploration of creative expression, as well as how my ICM images communicate my personal why and how they represent who I am as an artist.


In addition to the series of new ICM images, I will also share:

  • A short inspirational video, set to music, that visually connects several of my ICM images with specific words or ideas about creativity
  • A number of my personal favorite ICMs from the past few years, with details about how I created them
  • Some before and after examples, to show what the scene looked like before compared to how it was transformed through the use of camera movement
  • The kinds of things I look for in a scene and how I use those elements to create visual interest in my ICM images
  • A few additional images describing various ICM techniques and the settings used in the making of the images
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