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Let's Nail Photoshop SESSION 2: RAW FILES and working with COLOUR

Let's Nail Photoshop SESSION 2: RAW FILES and working with COLOUR


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Six Sunday Sessions will see you oohing and aaaahing as Photoshop falls into place. Photoshop remains the industry standard for Photographers, Graphic Designers and Illustrators to create and edit images and artwork. It’s a huge application, overwhelming with its vast array of tools, panels and choices. So if you’d like to get the most from this application join us over six Sunday evenings in June and July, or just dip in to a couple and see what you can learn.


Celia Henderson LRPS is running a series of recorded workshops for Camversation on the basics (and quite a bit more) on how she uses Photoshop and will start right back at the beginning. She’ll provide some sample images for you to practice the techniques (or of course you can use your own) and at the end of each session will set some practice tasks for you to have a go at to embed your learning.


And if you like these basic workshops – get ready to sign up for the intermediate and advanced sessions coming in the Autumn.


Session 2

RAW FILES and working with COLOUR


Let’s open a RAW file directly into Photoshop and explore the tools in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). Photoshop can process RAW files using the ACR workspace – a guided tour of the ACR workspace and what happens if you choose to Open the file or Open as Object and where are all your RAW edits saved to?


Photoshop has a fantastic array of tools for working with colour – Eyedropper tool, colour picker, and adjustment layers. We will explore, with a small project, how and why to use these and what can be achieved. A brief overview of Colour Modes and Colour workspaces – just to clarify some of the terminology.

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