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LNP Mixer Brush - Celia Henderson

LNP Mixer Brush - Celia Henderson


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This link provides ACCESS only to the recorded talk, for two weeks. It does NOT permit download.


Editing notes:​

In the second part of this presentation, Celia experienced some rare technical issues and glitches. There are 3 edits/cuts made to this recording, which you will notice. Celia does cover all the aspects that she intended to, but these cuts mean the presentation is longer than planned as some elements are repeated for clarity.


Mixer Brush


An in depth overview of this tool. This is not just any paintbrush – Portrait photograhers use it for skin smoothing, Wildlife photographers blend distracting backgrounds, Still life and flower photographers create wonderful textures and backgrounds, it is an amazing cloning tool, and if you are feeling artistic the brush can create an oil paint impression, create a brush and fill it with multiple colours and then save it, so you can paint fields of meadow flowers. Interior design photographers - smooth out wrinkles on fabrics and clothing. Web designers create wonderful banners and painting techniques.

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