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LNP Smart Objects in Photoshop - Celia Henderson

LNP Smart Objects in Photoshop - Celia Henderson


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This link provides access to view the talk only, it doesn't permit downloads.

This link provides ACCESS only to the recorded talk, for two weeks. It does NOT permit download.




An essential tool in your editing and creative workflow - the king of non-destructive working. Smart Objects are not an advanced topic, everyone should appreciate how easy they are to use and the benefits they provide. Let me show you how to preserve and protect your work whilst you adjust and edit and experiment with non destructive smart filters. Link images from multiple projects and discover the benefits of automatic updates. Create complex collages and even work across different Adobe apps. Linked vs Embedded explained. Preserve integrity of an image even after multiple transformations (scaling, distortions). Package multiple layers into a single layer which can be unpacked at any time. Edit in Adobe Camera Raw. Using Smart Objects as interchangeable placeholders.

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