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Mapping the Creative Journey - Valda Bailey

Mapping the Creative Journey - Valda Bailey


I'm extremely excited to welcome Valda Bailey to the community, as she has been requested by so many of you for such a long time. Valda is joining us to give a series of talks on creativity.


Mapping the Creative Journey


From Valda:

A presentation about the way photography has spiralled off in so many different directions. Of course, it was ever thus, but now that we have the facility to create a realistic image by typing in a string of text, where does that leave us with all our lenses, our tripods, our filters, our 4am starts to catch the sunrise?

Probably in the same place that they have always been. No machine intelligence is ever going to take the place of human initiative and creativity, but undoubtedly many will take advantage of some of the tools offered - especially in the editing process.


I will talk about some of the ways we can bring back the challenge of making images that are uniquely ours. I will discuss ideas and approaches that I feel are worth pursuing in these super-automated times.


This presentation is followed up later in the year with a short series of technique-based instruction. Links to these are below:

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