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NEW Starting Lightroom 2024 with Joe Houghton (SIX SESSIONS)

NEW Starting Lightroom 2024 with Joe Houghton (SIX SESSIONS)


As requested!


Buying this will allow you to ACCESS Joe's recording for two months. This DOES NOT allow download.


A brand new series of workshops from Joe Houghton - a week of Lightroom!


Zero prior knowledge of Lightroom - no problem!


Whatever your camera or newness to photography - this course will help you. This course assumes the participants have no knowledge of photography, Lightroom, editing or organising images. It is specifically aimed at the complete beginner, the tech novice, and will build confidence and capability, session by session. However, as with all of Joe's talks, there will be useful hints, tips and shortcuts for more experienced users too.


Session 1: Where do I start?

  • Installing Lightroom, Photoshop and the Creative cloud.

  • Getting images from your camera to your computer

  • Where will I store my photos and where will I back them up?

  • What can Lightroom do to my photos?


Session 2: A look around Lightroom

  • The Library module - your filing system.

  • The Develop module - your darkroom - where the magic happens!


Session 3: Let's start editing!

  • Glocal edits - making changes to your whole image.

  • Shots too bright or too dark? Fixing problems with exposure.

  • Images looking too blue or orange? Understanding and fixing colour temperature.


Session 4: Selective editing

  • Selections and marks

  • The brush tool

  • Presets - recipes to get a consistent 'look'

  • Story-telling with light.


Session 5: Beautiful Black and White

  • Converting colour images to monochrome

  • Editing black and white

  • Controlling highlights

  • Rescuing details from shadows


Session 6: Compose, crop and export

  • Aspect ratios

  • Panoramas - the filmic look

  • 1x1 square crop

  • Portrait classic - 10x8

  • Exporting your images.


About Joe:

As well as being a well-known speaker on the UK club circuit, Joe is an experienced photographer, an Adobe Lightroom expert and an expert online educator, with qualifications in Teaching & Learning & Universal Design for Learning from University College Dublin & Harvard University.

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