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Remixing Reality with Christoper Weeks

Remixing Reality with Christoper Weeks


Bank Holiday 3 for 2 On-Demand Discount

I'm extremely pleased to be able to bring Christoper Weeks to Camversation, especially as I know so many people have requested him and enjoyed his photography on the Camversation Facebook group!


Discover a world of photographic opportunities hidden all around us - just waiting to be revealed. In this presentation, photographer Christopher Weeks will discuss how to capture and coax intriguing artistic images from the everyday world around you by using a variety of in- camera ICM and Multiple-Exposure ICM techniques.


By developing an eye for art and abstract composition, as well as exploring a variety of image making techniques, you can discover new perspectives and limitless photo opportunities for any genre of photography. From adding a little magic to landscape photos or creating extraordinary art from the urban environment, you can learn to see the hidden realms around you.


This fast-moving presentation will feature many examples of Christopher's compelling ICM and abstract photography. With the goals of pre-visualizing images as printed art and drawing inspiration from traditional art forms, you can develop your own abstractionist perspective. It will also include an overview of many genres of Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple-Exposure ICM photography, including capture and processing approaches to help bring your images to life.


A former commercial / advertising photographer for more than two decades in the U.S., Christopher has been published internationally and received numerous awards for his work. Now based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, he works exclusively on the artistic side of photography with a primary focus on urban and nature abstracts, Intentional Camera Movement, and Multiple-Exposure ICM.


Christopher is often influenced by the abstract paintings of the 1960’s that featured vibrant colours and the use of deep black accents. Based on his love for the dynamic abstracts he saw in his youth, he was inspired to create a multiple-exposure ICM style of photography that features bold colours and a motion-capture aesthetic.


He is known for his engaging, quick-paced and informal presentation style. His talks and workshops are a balance of inspiring photographs, image-making philosophy and techniques, all aimed at inspiring you to clarify your vision and to explore new skills to express your own distinct creative spirit.



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