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Starting from a Blank Canvas 2024 with Polina Plotnikova

Starting from a Blank Canvas 2024 with Polina Plotnikova


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As requested by MANY people within the Camversation community, I'm pleased to have Polina joining us to talk about her photography.


This session is split in to two halves.


From Polina:

  • the "Flower portraits" part of the evening will be about my approach to flower photography which is somewhat similar to portrait photography: for every flower and plant that I photograph, I always try to find a unique look, study its mood and character, unlock its hidden beauty. In doing so, I neither aim at creating an accurate natural/botanical image, nor try to picture a flower in its natural habitat. What matters is my creative interpretation of a flower image.


  • in the "Still Life" part of the evening I will talk about composition, light, textures and colours that I use when creating my still life setups. My approach - for better or worse - is to start by creating an image in my mind's eye and proceed to taking photographs only after all details have been thought through. There will be a few schematic illustrations to show my studio hardware and to demonstrate various stages of putting together a still life setup.
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