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The Alternative Camera Manual with Steve Kingswell

The Alternative Camera Manual with Steve Kingswell


Steve Kingswell is someone who has been recommended as a speaker by members of the community. He recently reached out to share his work and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing his photography. I'm pleased we've been able to organise this!


About the talk, from Steve:

In the past I have often reflected that as a photographer perhaps I am a frustrated artist, but that would be to denigrate photography to something less that an art, and I believe photography is an equal to painting, sculpture, poetry and all other fine arts, don’t just take my word have a read of the life’s work of Alfred Stieglitz.


In this talk I explore how as photographers we can bridge the gap between being a competent photographer in terms of practising our craft and becoming a photographic artist by introducing more personal expression into our work.


About Steve:

Steve holds an ARPS distinction from the Royal Photographic Society, and is an ‘Artiste’ of the International Federation of Photographic Art.

Steve has judged the Documentary Photographer of the Year for The Royal Photographic Society on three occasions. He is an accredited judge for the Surrey Photographic Association and the Federation of South London Photographic Societies. He has been exhibited across the world in international salons and exhibitions and has lectured on photography for over 12 years.


Steve has a deep interest in ‘art photography’. Art photography is routed in creativity & personal expression. Steve’s mission is to guide & support others to explore and inspire their creativity and to help develop each person’s personal expression through photography.


He is Founder of The Imaging Room a photography website that supports inspiration & education in photography via workshops and articles based around developing your personal expression and art photography:


This talk will be recorded and made available for four weeks.

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