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The Value Of Projects - Rob Knight

The Value Of Projects - Rob Knight


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About the Talk:

This talk explores how we can embrace a longer form project based approach to our photography to develop ideas and focus deeper beyond the single image. This is a brand new talk specifically designed for the UK's National Photography Show at the NEC in 2022. It also features a section focusing on Rob's project work with the Drone in his ‘Land Art’ project.


About Rob


Rob is an experienced published landscape photographer and professional photographer & educator; he has been making images for almost 30 years and has photographed the glorious British landscape extensively through all seasons and in all facets of our very unique weather.


Rob loves to shoot landscapes and seascapes, being up for the best light early morning and watching the sunrise and dance across the landscape is a magical experience. Black & White is Rob’s specialty as he feels it conveys energy and mood in his style which is very much key in defining his personal vision. Rob works in both digital and medium format film, happy to utilise the appropriate kit to suite the mood, vision and creativity when photographing a location. The final image and personal creativity / vision being far more important than the brand of camera is a passion Rob firmly believes in and looks to instill into his students when helping them achieve their vision and improve their camera skills.


Rob’s key driving ethos is in the passion of the photographer and not the name badge on the kit which is why he enjoys teaching and passing on the skills and experience he has acquired over the years. Rob is a very interactive teacher who enjoys working with other people and learning something new from their style along the way………. As he is a true believer in learning being a lifelong passion


Please do check out Rob's website:

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