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Who Needs Adobe? Process For Free! Joe Houghton

Who Needs Adobe? Process For Free! Joe Houghton


Camversation stalwart, Joe Houghton returns to share a talk all about free editing options, outside of Adobe!


About the Talk:


In this talk, Joe explores a selection of free to use programmes that will allow you to edit your images for free!


All the programmes shown will work on both Windows and Mac platforms and are completely free to use for personal (non-commercial) use.

In a fascinating and illuminating couple of hours, you will see a selection of different programmes which can potentially replace your Adobe subscription, or for beginners, give them a free path into image editing before taking the plunge into the paid programmes.  


The capabilities of some of these programmes rival Lightroom and Photoshop - well worth taking a look to see if they might have a place in your workflow!


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