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Thank you to all of those wonderful people who have suggested that we offer a subscription option to Camversation. This has been designed to make life easier for people to access all of the live talks in one, central, place.

For a single payment each month, you'll get access to all of the listed talks and their associated recordings (if the presenter has agreed!) and won't have to purchase each talk or workshop individually. This does not include optional hand outs or past events from the shop.

I have made a brief recording on how this works and what it looks like, which is below!

It's incredibly simple.

One cost for all live talks.

  • 30£
    Every month
    This subscription provides access to all live talks & recordings (for two weeks after event).
    • All live talks and workshops
    • Associated recordings for two weeks after the event.
    • No need to purchase every talk individually.
    • One, simple, location to access all upcoming talks.
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