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CIE Take me to the Bridge - Nigel French

CIE Take me to the Bridge - Nigel French


This allows for VIEWING of the Creative Image Editing presentation; Take me to the Bridge from Nigel French. It does not permit downloads.


Adobe Bridge is the Swiss Army knife of photo management software—a bundle of useful tools packed into a compact and stylish format. As well as connecting the different applications of the Creative Cloud, Bridge is a hub for organizing, browsing, and managing your photos—regardless of where they are on your computer.


Perhaps the Creative Cloud’s best kept secret, Bridge may be the most underused piece of software that you already have—it comes as part of the Creative Cloud photography package.


In this session Nigel French will demonstrate how to streamline your workflow with Bridge—including rating, batch editing, and exporting images. We'll also look at Bridge’s integration with Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop, and how it can be used alongside Lightroom Classic.


This talk will be viewable for four weeks.


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