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Creative Composites 2024 - Glenys Garnett

Creative Composites 2024 - Glenys Garnett


This provides access to the live talk recording only. It does not permit downloads.


From Glenys:

This session shows how I use Photoshop to create some of my images and covers some of the building blocks like layers, masks, smart objects, luts etc for developing blended images like multiple exposures, using textures, making brushes, abstract composites etc through demonstrating live in Photoshop. It presumes a general understanding and basic use of the software but can be enjoyed by users new to the software wanting ideas and tips.


It includes  how I use textures, how I make and use photographic brushes and how I plan and shoot specifically for composite work. I share my Photoshop screen so you can see what I do and how I build up some of my composite pieces.


Glenys' fee for this event will be given to charity at her request.

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