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LNP Triptychs and more - Celia Henderson

LNP Triptychs and more - Celia Henderson


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This link provides ACCESS only to the recorded talk, for two weeks. It does NOT permit download.


Triptychs, Templates, Panels and Layouts


Photoshop has many tools to help make laying out a collage, a triptych, a web page design, a poster etc – let me show you how to use guides and alignment tools, build re-usable templates, the Frame tool – we will still cover lots of image editing tools, such as the masks, clipping mask, vector shapes and adjustment layers.  Ever wondered what the Artboard check box is for or why you would want to use Layer Comps and Notes?


This session is broken in to three sections:

  • Templates and Guides with the Frame tool
  • The benefits of creating layouts with clipping masks
  • Using guides and mathsy stuff to create triptych templates and a tutorial on creating an arty triptych


Supporting hand out is available here:

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