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Simple Creative Composites - Lynda Haney

Simple Creative Composites - Lynda Haney


Lynda Haney has been requested by the community, recommended by other speakers and I've even been out photographing with her myself! I'm pleased-as-punch to be able to share her work with you all.






From Lynda:

My talk will be a live edit on how to put together a simple composite image with Photoshop. I will start from scratch with a blank document showing how I build it up to a final image including thoughts and ideas on the way. Depending on time I have a couple of edits in mind for the first half and after a break I will do a third edit. This one will be with images that I will be giving everyone so that they can create the final image in their own time by following a step by step document that I will also offer.  And then a final bit that is something completely different, a way of showcasing a few of your images in a special way that allows your images to speak about something that maybe has a special meaning for you. Very simple and very easy to do.


Lynda's fee for this talk will be donated to charity, at her request.

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