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Abstracts-Tony North

Abstracts-Tony North


In this talk Tony looks at abstract art and photography. The topics covered are:


1. What is abstract art? We look at a few examples from the history of art and photography, and try to arrive at a definition. He will present his 7-point scale of abstraction, from purely figurative to purely abstract, showing examples of his own images to illustrate.


2. What is good abstract photography? We now consider some artistic principles important in good abstract photography, such as composition and colour harmonies.


3. How can we create good abstract photos? This is the main part of the talk in which Tony shows examples of my own abstract images. He'll cover some of the many subjects, locations and techniques you can use to create abstract photos.


Finally he'll show some of his own creative images - that is, images made using techniques such as multiple exposure, ICM (intentional camera movement) and collage. This includes the leaf collage shown here which came 3rd in the Abstract Views contest of International Garden Photographer of the Year 2021.

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