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AI to Improve not generate 1 - Celia Henderson

AI to Improve not generate 1 - Celia Henderson


Photoshop Workshop AI to improve not to generate with Celia Henderson


From Celia:

“My personal take on Artificial Intelligence and Post Processing"


A tutorial full of practical examples of Photoshop post processing surrounding which Photoshop tools use AI. 


I love my photography.  I want other people to like and admire my images.  I want them to know when they look at my images, that my images are truthful, honest and are all my own work.  The pixels I present are my pixels. 


I’m also a lecturer in computer software applications with Photoshop being right up there at the top, and combined with my love of photography, I enjoy exploring and pushing Photoshop to its limits to see what I can achieve with the range of tools that the program has provided since 1987 for both image editing and creativity.


So, when Artificial Intelligence (AI) became the latest news story,  I began to question whether I could continue to display my images with that same integrity.  All the news surrounding AI is that it generates new pixels, and these are no longer my pixels?  So I set about researching the development and evolution of the Photoshop application and want now to share my findings with you in this practical, hands on workshop/tutorial.


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