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CIE 10 Uses of Layer Masks with Nigel French

CIE 10 Uses of Layer Masks with Nigel French


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10 Creative Uses of a Layer Mask


Of all tools and features that Photoshop offers, layer masks are the perhaps the most prized, the most useful, and the most versatile. If there’s a problem, layer masks are the solution—or at least a part of the solution—and being able to confidently work with layer masks is an essential skill for any Photoshop user. If you are—or ever have been—confused or intimidated by layer masks, then this session is for you. Nigel will guide you through the nuts and bolts and the dos and don’ts of working with layer masks, as well as offer tips and tricks for seasoned users. The second part of the presentation will be a carefully curated Top Ten countdown of popular ways to use layer masks in your projects.


You will have four weeks to watch this recording from the point of rental.

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