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ICM Live - Stephanie Johnson

ICM Live - Stephanie Johnson


This provides access to VIEW THIS RECORDING for two weeks only. It does not permit downloads.


Stephanie has been primarily dedicated to Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) as an artistic form of creative expression since 2017 and is the Founder and Creator of ICM Photography Magazine.


About this Event

This is a brand new live demonstration, in which Stephanie Johnson will take and make intentional camera movement images with us live during the session!


Part 1, approx 40+ minutes LIVE on location:

Stephanie will join us (remotely) on location for an ICM shoot, near to her home. In this part she'll be broadcasting from a mobile device, so we're able to see her photograph the environment she's in and the approaches she takes, setup and techniques employed. If we have time, we may have the opportunity to move to a second location.


Part 2, approx 45+ minutes LIVE editing of images:

In the final part, we'll rejoin Stephanie to work through some LIVE edits of the images she has taken with us in Part 1.

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