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LNP Fake The Light - Celia Henderson

LNP Fake The Light - Celia Henderson


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Photoshop Workshop Fake The Light Day to Night; Night to Day, shafts of light with Celia Henderson


Fake The Light - Photoshop workshop with Celia Henderson


This will show Camversationalists how to create natural light rays and dappled light,  improve the lighting of your image, fake early morning light, turn day to night and make lights glow and shafts of light through church windows.


The processes will incorporate Smart objects, Blend If techniques, combinations of adjustment layers, layer blends and multiple filters.  Topics covered in this workshop can be used across a range of photographic genres.


People who join should be experienced with working opening files, working with layers and masks and have a basic understanding of making selections and working with brushes and basic Photoshop tools. If you’d like to know more about these skills, then Celia has run a lot of talks on them too! Click here for more.


Hand out:

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