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Secrets of a Wildlife Photographer - Nick Martin

Secrets of a Wildlife Photographer - Nick Martin


This provides access to the live talk recording only. It does not permit downloads.


I am pleased to have Nick join us to discuss the main techniques in composing and taking wildlife pictures. Nick has been requested by members of the community and also recommended by another speaker.


About the Talk:

In this talk, Nick describes his own journey into wildlife photography and the techniques he has learned to turn his passion for nature into stunning images that will inspire others. He will discuss, equipment and camera settings but just as importantly, composition, fieldcraft and technique.


Using his own images that worked and many that didn’t he will demonstrate how to improve nature images and gain confidence and ability in this ever popular field of photography. From boar to butterflies there will be lots of exciting wildlife described and the techniques to photograph them.


About Nick

Nick Martin is a conservation professional by trade having worked for over 25 years for the RSPB and The Wildlife Trusts. He is also a self employed wildlife photographer, writer and speaker and recently founded the website where he hopes to help people connect with nature and the countryside.


Do check his website to see more of his work!

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