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Visualising the Unseen by Kaisa Siren

Visualising the Unseen by Kaisa Siren


I excited to welcome photographic artist Kaisa all the way from the Arctic Circle to discuss her take on creating ICM images using northern scenes of Finland as her backdrop.


From Kaisa:

I am a photographic artist and bring my soul landscape visible with Intentional Camera Movement using northern sceneries of Finland as my backdrop. I focus on themes related to the seasons of Lapland, and the sensitivity of nature.


​I live in Rovaniemi, at the Arctic Circle in Lapland, Finland, where I work as a freelance photographer. I am widely published in various Finnish magazines and newspapers. I have had several solo and group exhibitions in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. I am a member of the quarterly ICMPhotomag E-mag publishing team, a co-founder of ICMPhotomag Network Community and I teach courses on ICM photography, both in person and on-line.


​In 2017 I bought a gallery house and started to concentrate fully on ICM photography. I now understand that I have been unseen in my childhood which has led to feeling a bit of an outsider as an adult. ICM provides a way to bring the unseen feelings and suppressed emotions visible. When taking an ICM picture, the camera movement can create elements that initially were not in the scene and bring some unseen things visible. It holds the same serendipity and element of surprise which has always accompanied me in my life. These are some of the great building blocks in my art today.


Check out more of  Kaisa's work on her website; 

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